20150521_162152Here in the Uk we are renowned for loving our animals and to some of us, our pets are important family members,to others, they are there loyal friends and companions.The wagging tail as you walk through the door or the greeting shout of your horse always remind us that we are loved by our pets. Our loyal friends are only with us for what seems like a few short years and are gone too quickly so why not create a lasting memory and immortalise the relationship you have with them in a print or sculpture?

We cast dog and cat paws, rabbits, horses and even a goat, we will work with yours and your pets needs. If you have to make the painfully hard decision to have a pet put to sleep, we can sometimes arrange to cast your pet beforehand or prior to burial if you are local to us.

For a more practical and fun application of a pet casting, why not have yours turned into a decorative dog hook lead, a 20150521_162220paper weight or book end? We can accept your requests and try and work with you to create a useful lasting piece. We have cast everything from a guinea pig up to a horse and are always happy to advise you of the options available.

You can book our private casting sessions for your pet – producing either a 3d freestanding lifecast of your animal or a paw/hoof imprint or outprint in a frame. Our casts can be finished in a variety of colours including natural white,bronze and pewter.

I am always happy to advise you should you have any questions regarding your beloved pets and having a imprint or cast produced.

Paw Prints Outprints Dog Costing Horse Casting
Prints on ceramics
from £15.00(mugs/coasters/plates)
Single paw print£30.00 Single paw freestanding £40.00  Cast of a single hoof at your venue including vets
Paw imprints on clay£22.00(single paw print) Double paw print£37.00 Single paw cast framed with photograph £55.00 Pony on plinth £100.00*
Framed paw print£40.00 Single paw print framed £45.00 Double paw cast (both front feet) with photograph £75.00 Pony framed with photograph £135.00*
Framed paw print with picture£40.00 Paw print  framed with picture £50.00 Large Dog additional £10.00 Horse on plinth £110.00*
Horse framed with photograph £145.00*

*Prices include a visit within 10 miles of our studio, for visits outside this area we will simply charge fuel cost. Emergency call outs are included in this price.

For other animals please do not hesitate to ask, we can cast any animal and are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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