Memorial Casting

Beautifully captured memorial items created with the utmost care and respect for your loved ones. We offer a range of decorative memorial items for those who want something more than a photograph to keep their lost loved ones close.

From pottery prints to 3d casts, we offer a wide selection of options, including different framing and freestanding choices and will work closely with the family to ensure we produce a fitting memorial of their loved one.

The process is completely clean and unintrusive. We treat your loved one with respect and dignity and are happy for you to be present during the visit. Our team are all trained to offer an expert and understanding service, and will travel to funeral homes, hospitals or your own home to take the impressions.

For pottery prints, we use a washable and non-toxic under glaze to coat the hand/foot, and take an impression onto a ceramic plaque. We will then carefully clean any residue from the skin. 3d casts require a mould to be taken in an alginate compound, this leaves no residue behind.

Throughout the entire process we will talk you through what we are doing and why, should you choose to be present whilst we take the print/mould. We will then take away the print/mould and finish it to your specifications in our studio.

We have received many requests to provide a memorial piece incorporating a lost loved one and those they leave behind. With this in mind, we offer a family memorial service. This could be the clasped hands of yourself and your partner/spouse, or a parent holding the hand of their lost child.

We understand that this is a very emotional experience for you and are honoured to be a part of such a special moment. We always go above and beyond to ensure that this process is as considerate and respectful as possible. As we recognise the delicate nature of this service, all our memorial casts and prints are made at a discounted rate to our everyday casting service, in order to make it more affordable for all.

Options and Pricing.

We will work together to create a tailor made design that is completely personal to you. But please see below for a guide.

Pottery Prints. From £25 Choose from a range of plaque/plate designs with your choice of colours and wording

Framed 3d casts. From £90.00 These can be framed in either white or dark wood frames with a picture of your loved one and then finished in natural, bronze or pewter.

Freestanding 3d casts. From £50.00 This can be single or both hands and feet, we will work with your requirements

Clasped Hand Casting. From £120.00 Choose to capture you and your loved one’s clasped hands. This cast is available in a choice of finishes and plinths including natural, bronze and pewter.

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